Actizeet Safed Musli Premium Safed Musli Capsule Pack of 3
ACTIZEET Safed Musli | Premium Safed Musli | Pack of 3
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ACTIZEET Safed Musli | Premium Safed Musli | Pack of 3


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ACTIZEET Safed Musli | Premium Safed Musli Capsules

180 Veg Capsules (Pack of 3, 60 Capsules each)

  • 100% Natural (no chemicals & preservatives).
  • Extracted without any synthetics.
  • Made from organically grown Safed Musli from sustainable farms.
  • Extracted with a “Green-Chemistry” process, using no alcohol or any chemical solvent.
  • Actizeet Safed Musli uses only the roots of the Safed Musli plant and strictly avoids using leaves.
  • Actizeet Safed Musli is standardized to the highest quality on the market today.
  • 100% Vegetarian

ACTIZEET Safed Musli

For those of you who are familiar with our products, you’ll know that we take quality very seriously. We know our customers want only the best and as always, our mission is to deliver just that.

When we say that we went above and beyond to get Safed Musli of the highest quality, we mean it. Safed Musli that stands before you is superior in every way imaginable. From farming and production to testing, everything was designed with one goal in mind.

To create the perfect product that can never be matched. And it stands before you.

Safed Musli benefits
Actizeet Safed musli benefits

Premium Quality Safed Musli

Safed Musli is useful to pacify vitiated Vata and has body nourishing properties. Safed Musali has adequate fibers which help to clear the bowel & reduce inflammation of internal piles. In Ayurveda, Safed Musali is considered to be one of the best Rejuvenating tonics for all.
Safed Musali is also gaining increasing acceptance as a Natural Vitalizer and health-giving tonic.
The recent discovery of Safed Musli as a natural and safe aphrodisiac agent has also opened up new channels of application and new demand for it. By virtue of being an herb, Safed Musli has been found to be an ideal aphrodisiac with no negative side effects associated with chemical-based aphrodisiacs.

Benefits ACTIZEET Safed Musli

  • Restore Energy, Vigor & Vitality 
  • Strongly boost your immune system
  • Improve Performance
  • Have adaptogenic properties
  • Boost Testosterone
  • Reduce Stress
  • Help maintain energy levels.
  • Help maintain the health of the respiratory system.
  • Support the health of the reproductive organs
  • Help you gain muscle mass
  • Bone Strength

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 9 cm


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Take 1 Capsule twice daily half an hour after the meal.


Safed Musli: 500 mg


35 reviews for ACTIZEET Safed Musli | Premium Safed Musli | Pack of 3

  1. Rajesh Sastiya

    I’ve been trying to eat healthier for a while now and the Safed Musli Capsule from Actizeet is a great way to get all the nutrients I need. My energy levels have never been better and I feel more confident in my body than ever before.

  2. Rakesh Gandhi

    Actizeet Safed Musli Capsules are a boon to people who want to enjoy the high-quality health benefits that come with these capsules. It is really good for memory and mental clarity. It also helps maintain the health of my joints and bones.

  3. Praveen Jaryal

    I’ve been looking for a supplement that will help me with my energy levels for a long time. I was telling my friend about my search and she recommended Safed Musli to me. I tried it and can now say that I am very happy with this product. It helps with both mental and physical stamina.

  4. Arjun Kumar

    I have been taking Safed Musli Capsules from Actizeet for a few months now and I have seen a difference in my health. I have more energy in the morning, my blood pressure is better, and I feel like I am aging better. I love this product!

  5. Chetan Chauhan

    Safed Musli Capsule is a wonderful, safe and effective product. I’m totally satisfied with the result of the capsules.

  6. Vinod Kumar Gagat

    I have been using this product for the past few weeks and I have noticed a significant improvement. I can tell you that my energy levels have been on point, my mood has been better, and I am feeling stronger in general. This is one of the best products I’ve found as it does what it says on the label.

  7. Sunny Jamwal

    I am a working mother of three, so I have very little time for myself. Safed Musli Capsules are my go-to because they give me the energy and focus I need to do what needs to be done

  8. Ravinder Kumar

    I just wanted to say that I am so thankful that I found out about these amazing health supplements. I have been suffering from a lack of energy and have always struggled with my mood, but this supplement has really done wonders for me. I love being able to take them every day without feeling any negative side effects and knowing that they are helping me in many other ways too.

  9. Ravinder Kumar

    After 8 months of continuously taking Safed Musli Capsules, I feel the need to share my personal experience with Actizeet’s product. I had no issues with having an occasional emission in my sleep. Now, I am able to control my body and don’t have any problems staying focused on my work.

  10. Poonam Joel

    Actizeet Safed Musli Capsule is a natural miracle for menopause and men’s sexual wellness. I am now able to enjoy the company of my husband without any limitations.

  11. Balwant Singh

    I always considered myself quite healthy, but then I took Safed Musli and my fitness levels improved dramatically. I was able to train my body for a marathon with ease and felt great the whole time. It really does help you feel healthier.

  12. Kamalsingh Dogra

    Safed Musli Capsule has helped me immensely with my energy levels and improved my mood. I had been feeling down for a few days and all of a sudden I felt like I had more energy. Safed Musli Capsule is a great product.

  13. Aryan Piwhal

    I had been feeling exhausted for weeks and was struggling to concentrate on my studies. I had tried to eat healthier but it wasn’t helping. I received a sample of Safed Musli from Actizeet and within a week I felt so much better. Now I take one capsule in the morning and one at night.

  14. Ajay Chaudhry

    I have been using Safed Musli Capsule for the last few weeks and now I am feeling better.

  15. Surinder Kumar

    Safed Musli is a natural supplement that helps promote mental clarity, focus, and memory retention and contains antioxidants that help reduce stress.

  16. Raju Sherap

    I had a very stressful week and my sleep was not good at all. I could feel my body feeling very sore, weak, and lazy. One of my friends suggested that I try this great product called Safed Musli Capsule which gave me amazing results.

  17. Vikram Singh Thakur

    Safed Musli has done wonders for me. I take it every day and it’s helped me feel better than ever. I feel like my mood has improved, I’m no longer as stressed out and I’ve gained a lot of energy. It’s also been great for my health in general.

  18. Roshan Kumar Yadav

    I am with joint pain and I wanted to try something natural. I started taking Safed Musli Capsules and was able to get some relief from my joint pain. I appreciate that they are made with all-natural ingredients.

  19. Sunil Sadhu

    I was not sure about taking this supplement at first, but there were no side effects and I felt a lot better. Thank you for making me feel like a new person.

  20. Subhash Chand

    Safed Musli Capsules are the best. I have been taking them for the last few weeks and I feel more energized and my mood is noticeably better. I love this product, thank you Actizeet.

  21. Survinder Kapoor

    It is a herbal supplement that contains natural herbs and extracts. I found it very effective in supporting my body’s immune system.

  22. Firdous Ahmed

    I would like to thank Safed Musli for helping me to live a healthy life.

  23. S Chhabra

    I’ve been taking the Safed Musli capsules for about a week now and I’ve noticed less anxiety and better sleep. I feel more relaxed in general and my memory has been much better. In short, I think it’s a great product.

  24. Rajander Kumar

    Actizeet Safed Musli Capsules are the best way to start your day. I drink one before my morning workout and it really has a positive effect on my focus and energy levels. I highly recommend them.

  25. Nikhil Kumar

    Safed Musli Capsule has been very helpful to me. I’ve been taking it for a few weeks now and have noticed a big difference in my skin, and even my mood.

  26. Rakesh Hallan

    I have been taking Safed Musli for a couple of weeks now and it has changed my life. I feel so much more confident and my mood is a lot better. My partner also says he’s noticed the big change. Thank you!

  27. Dr Sanjeev Mehta

    I’ve been using it to increase my sex drive and I can tell you that I am really happy with the results. Sex is more fun than ever before and my girlfriend has been loving it.

  28. Tapas Singha

    I am a single man in my 60s and have been taking Safed Musli for years. It’s one of the few products that really work for me.

  29. Avijit Dey

    I’ve been struggling to find the energy and I’ve tried everything, but this has been the best thing. It’s not expensive, it doesn’t make me feel weird, and it really works.

  30. Saurabh Chakrabarty

    I am a very active person, but the way I prepare myself to do my tasks and my workouts have changed a lot since I started taking these capsules. I feel more energized and less drained than ever before.

  31. Bibhas Chatterjee

    I have been taking these capsules for a week now and I feel a lot healthier. My libido is back and I am not feeling as tired in the morning as before.

  32. Narendra Nath Sen

    I have been taking this supplement for a while now, and I have really noticed a difference. I feel stronger and more energetic and I have lost weight. What’s great about this product is that it is natural so there are no side effects.

  33. Ankur Rakshit

    I am just writing a little mail to say that I have been using this product for about 3 months, and the results it has had on me is beyond my expectation. I am more energetic, I sleep better and I feel great

  34. Sanjay Das

    I have been taking these for about three months now, and I have noticed a definite increase in energy and focus. I recommend them to all my friends.

  35. Chandan Tunga

    Hello, I am from Delhi. I am satisfied with Actizeet Safed Musli Capsules as it has helped me improve my sexual performance.

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