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Ashwagandha For Men: What It Does, How To Take It And Side Effects

Ashwagandha is a popular herb in India that has traditionally been used to improve general strength and stamina. It is also purported to have various other benefits for men, including improving sexual performance and fertility. Learn everything you need to know about Ashwagandha for men with this article!

What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is an herbal supplement that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. The name ashwagandha comes from the Sanskrit words meaning “smell of horse,” which refers to the strong smell of the roots of the plant. Ashwagandha is a member of the nightshade family, which includes other plants such as tomatoes and potatoes. The roots and leaves of ashwagandha are used to make teas, capsules, powders, and extracts.

Ashwagandha is most commonly used for its beneficial effects on mental health. It has been shown to help reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. Ashwagandha has also been shown to improve cognitive function and memory. Some research suggests that ashwagandha may also be effective in treating depression.

Ashwagandha is also commonly used as a general tonic to improve overall health and well-being. It is considered safe for most people when taken orally in amounts typically found in food. However, some people may experience gastrointestinal side effects such as upset stomach, diarrhea, or constipation when taking ashwagandha supplements. It is always best to consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

What does ashwagandha do for a man?

Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that has been used for centuries to help improve overall health. While it is mainly known for its stress-relieving properties, ashwagandha also has a number of benefits for men’s health.

Some of the most well-known benefits of ashwagandha for men include improved sexual function, increased muscle mass and strength, and enhanced fertility. Additionally, ashwagandha may also help to decrease anxiety and improve mood.

If you’re interested in trying ashwagandha, it’s essential to consult with your healthcare provider first to ensure it is safe for you. Ashwagandha supplements are typically taken in capsule form, but they can also be brewed into tea.

How should I take ashwagandha?

There are a few things to keep in mind when taking ashwagandha. First, it is important to start with a lower dose and increase gradually as needed. Second, it is best to take ashwagandha with food or milk to reduce the risk of stomach upset. Finally, it is important to drink plenty of fluids when taking ashwagandha to prevent dehydration.

When it comes to dosage, the general rule of thumb is to start low and go slow. This means starting with a lower dose and gradually increasing it as needed. For most people, a dose of 1-2 grams per day is sufficient. However, some people may need a higher dose depending on their individual needs. It is always best to speak with a healthcare practitioner before starting any supplement regimen.

As far as side effects go, ashwagandha is generally well tolerated. The most common gastrointestinal side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. These side effects are typically mild and resolve on their own with no treatment necessary. However, if they persist or are severe, it is important to speak with a healthcare practitioner.

How much ashwagandha should I take?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the amount of ashwagandha you should take depends on factors such as your age, weight, and health condition. However, most experts recommend taking 500-1000 mg of ashwagandha extract per day. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s best to avoid taking ashwagandha.

How long until I see results with ashwagandha?

Although some people may see results from taking ashwagandha within a few days, it typically takes a few weeks to notice the full effects of the herb. If you’re taking ashwagandha for general well-being, you may not see any noticeable effects. However, if you’re taking it for a specific reason, such as to improve sexual function or reduce stress, you may start to see results within a few weeks.

Benefits of Ashwagandha For Men


Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. The herb is native to India and has been used to treat a variety of conditions, including anxiety, stress, insomnia, and sexual dysfunction.

Recent studies have shown that ashwagandha may be effective in treating erectile dysfunction and improving sexual function in men. Additionally, ashwagandha has been shown to increase testosterone levels and sperm quality in men.

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to improve your sexual function and boost your testosterone levels, ashwagandha may be worth trying.

Ashwagandha has also been shown to have other benefits, including improving physical endurance and recovery from exercise-related damage. It may even improve muscle strength and muscle mass and reduce inflammation.

While ashwagandha is not a substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise, it can help you get the most out of your workouts. Those who are looking for an all-natural supplement that can improve their physical performance may benefit from taking ashwagandha as part of their fitness regime.

Ashwagandha May Boost Physical Endurance

Research has shown that ashwagandha can increase endurance during exercise, which makes it a promising option for athletes. In one study, men took either 3 grams of a supplement that included ashwagandha or a placebo every day for 4 weeks. At the end of the study period, those who took ashwagandha had lower levels of fatigue and improved their endurance. Another study found similar results in older adults. Participants took either a placebo or 1,500 mg of ashwagandha per day over a period of 8 weeks. Those who took the supplement increased their physical fitness compared to those who did not take it.”


Overall, ashwagandha is a safe and effective supplement for men. It has a variety of benefits, including improved energy levels, increased muscle mass and strength, reduced stress levels, and improved sexual function. If you are interested in trying ashwagandha, be sure to speak with your doctor first to make sure it is right for you. And remember, start with a lower dose and increase gradually as needed.

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