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shilajit facts vs myths

Shilajit Facts Vs. Myths

There are many Shilajit facts and myths and their benefits. We have discussed some of them here. Read on to know more.

The internet is loaded with claims ensuring mystic herbs that heal many diseases. Shilajit also is presented as a magical herb that can cure a lot of ailments and diseases but is it a fact or just a claim?

No doubt shilajit has some amazing benefits, it’s loaded with iron, fulvic acid, and many nutritional vitamins and minerals.

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Shilajit is known as a mineral strand or a superfood, is the outcome of a lengthy method of breaking down plant substances and minerals. It is an adhesive, black, tar-like material that comes from cliffs and rock-like stones in high peak ranges.

Although any analytical thought would question after learning proclamations like “magical herb” about Shilajit.

From assisting boost one’s immune system to curing liver cancer, Shilajit is a wonder herb of sorts. However distant all this, all claims are not the facts. Some of these are just myths.

We will have to study deeply into the myths and impure speculations enclosing this pure shilajit and whether it is a scam or is there genuine matter to the many claims. Following are the myths busted in this article.

Extending Your Lifespan

A myth about strength elongation encircles Shilajit. It is believed that a weight of 7 pounds joins a hundred human years, 10 times more would combine a millennium to one’s life. But obviously, no one lives forever or that long, to reach centuries, myths like these have just helped in increasing the demand for this medicinal herb.

Hence the myth is broken from the start. No less than 10 people ever attained the age of 175 years and yet less so now with very less even attaining the age of 130.

Several marketers make those claims without mentioning their specialists or sources.

There are more outlandish myths circling Shilajit. Some of which are out of this world and deserve little if any faith at all.

Shilajit Is Not For Kids

Well, this is also a myth, Shilajit is safe for everyone who is not allergic to its bio-active ingredients and nutrients. Due to its high iron content, it is added to a lot of medicines and also given to kids who show signs of iron deficiency. It’s unusual but some people give this pure shilajit to their pets as well, so that their pets can be healthy and active.


Shilajit Is Only For Men

Again this is a myth, women also are one of a larger share of consumers of shilajit as it’s known to cure anemia that is caused by iron deficiency and most women face that, so most of the medicines given to women to treat anemia are having shilajit as the major ingredient.

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Shilajit Should Not Be Cleaned/Refined, As It Sheds Its Nutrients

Another myth surrounding the use of shilajit is that it should not be cleaned or purified when consumed, as its nutritional value will decline.

But the truth is that it should be washed and cleaned properly before using as its raw form is found on mountains and rocks, so surely it would be covered with dust and dirt particles. According to the International Journal of Ayurveda Research, there are chances the pure shilajit may contain fungus, because of the growth of Aspergillus niger and trichothecene roseum, which can lead to the growth of fungus. Some kinds of shilajit may also contain free radicals that could lead to degrading the cells and their structures if consumed without cleaning and purifying.

 So make sure from wherever you purchase any raw and pure shilajit, you must clean it properly before consuming it.

Shilajit Reduces Fat And Obesity

Shilajit is known to increase your efficiency to exercise and helps to increase your energy levels so that you can hit the gym for hours, but just by consuming pure shilajit and not performing exercises and workouts and not utilizing the energy you got from the amazing herb, one cannot lose their fat.

So this myth is busted, that just by consuming it one cannot lose weight.

Nonetheless, it is not a replacement for exercise or workouts in terms of burning fat.

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By Consuming Shilajit One Can Cure Alzheimer’s Disease

Shilajit will not immediately upgrade your memory or lore ability. Firstly, powerful memories are created with the help of an affectionate component, which is the reason we remember events where we were extremely stressed, hurt, or strongly in love more than other usual things.

Secondly, Shilajit has a very restricted scope of nootropic activity, which may improve cognitive function by promoting healthful neuronal action in the brain. However, there are no such reports or statistics that prove, that by only consuming pure shilajit one can cure Alzheimer’s Disease.

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