What is Shilajit ? Source, Health Benefits and side effects
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what is shilajit

What is Shilajit ? Source, Health Benefits and side effects

Hey, are you interested in knowing about Shilajit? Does eating tar sound like an excellent idea for your health?  Well, there is a form of natural tar known as Shilajit that has compelling advantages for your body. It is strange as it sounds; this black sticky substance is one of the best herbs in Ayurvedic medicine and has been used for health benefits for centuries.

Shilajit is found predominately in the Himalayas. It is a pale-brown or black organic substance which consists of decomposed plants and animals that were pressed between various layers of rocks for thousands of years. During summer, this substance seeps out frequently from rocks in the mountain range, and so collected by people.  However, once cleaned of all impurities, Shilajit makes a perfect brown-hued paste with shinny surface which stays soft when slightly warmed.

Well, Shilajit was traditionally sourced in India and Tibet, but now this material can be found in various parts of the world. It has been used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, and this compound also appears to be beneficial for multiple health conditions. Yes, it can cure cardiovascular, immunological, neurological, and many more.  One of the reasons why Shilajit is useful medicinally is because of the high amount of fulvic acid, which is best-known for improving gut health.

So, you know what Shilajit is, now we will discuss some amazing benefits of Shilajit for health.

Let’s started!

Benefits Of Shilajit

Here are various benefits of using Shilajit for your health, some of these are as follows:

  1. Promotes Testosterone Levels:

Do you want to boost testosterone levels naturally? Well, if you’re going to improve your fertility abilities, then Shilajit is here for you. Various studies have shown that Shilajit helps increase the sperm counts for men up to 60% in just 90 days. Yes, a group of men was given Shilajit twice a day for 90 days, and the results were terrific. This is the reason why Indian Viargra has been used Shilajit as a sexual enhancer. Signs of low testosterone level:

  • a low sex drive
  • loss of muscle mass
  • hair loss
  • increased body fat
  • fatigue
  1. Promotes Heart Health:

Did you know Shilajit has an excellent effect on keeping your heart pumping? Yes, it helps in regulating blood sugar levels in the body and promotes the regeneration of pancreas cells to maintain healthy cells. Shilajit is a powerful substance to treat anemia due to a higher concentration of iron.

  1. Helpful In Breaking Addiction:

Did you know Shilajit is a potent substance in breaking cycles of addiction? Yes, it can help you reduce the feeling of addiction to a high level.

  1. Manage Diabetes:

Shilajit can reduce blood glucose levels, and it is the best supplement for people with diabetes to take.

  1. Help Prevent From Cancer:

It has found that Shilajit is effective in treating certain types of cancer, including colon, breast, ovarian, and also lung. It helps in protecting the body for exposure to a dangerous amount of harmful radiations.

Side Effects Of Shilajit

So now you know about the benefits of Shilajit, let’s have a look at the side effects of it.

  1. Heavy Metal And Toxin:

Well, you need to be careful about the quality of Shilajit because its poor quality can contain heavy metals and toxins. Shilajit is has a high concentration of iron, so it is not advisable to take it with iron supplements because it can lead to excessive iron accumulation in the bloodstream.

  1. Allergic Reaction:

Many consumers may have some allergic reaction to Shilajit, and can even develop rash, dizziness, and lesion.

  1. Blood-Based Disorder:

Patients with any blood disease are not advised to consume medicine without professional consultancy. It may have an adverse effect on the condition.


So, I hope this article will help you understand everything about Shilajit. No doubt, Shilajit has abundance of health benefits, but taking precautionary measures is also important to avoid any unwanted condition.

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