ACTIZEET Pure Shilajit 20 Grams
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ACTIZEET Pure Shilajit 20 Grams


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Pure Shilajit Resin

20 Grams Pack / 90 Days Servings

Pure Shilajit is the greatest gift of nature. It is a natural source of energy that allows people to work harder with less exhaustion and more concentration. Using Actizeet in your daily routine can help you improve your lifestyle.

  • ACTIZEET is a high-quality, Purified Shilajit from the Himalayas, containing dibenzo-α-pyrones (DBPs), DBP-Chromoproteins (DCP), Fulvic Acid, and over 80 different minerals & substances, for natural performance enhancement & healthy aging.
  • Energy Booster.
  • Improves the bioavailability of CoQ10.
  • MINERAL-RICH concentrated resin helps metabolize proteins & vitamins. Dissolves easily in water.
  • ANTIOXIDANT & bio-generative properties promote cellular regeneration & maintenance of older cells.
  • Sourced from the Dras Valley, Kargil, Ladakh
  • Purified by Traditional Surya Taapi ( Sun-Dried) Method.
  • No Side Effects

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Earth's Purest Gift for You

Actizeet Pure shilajit is the panacea of strength and offers great rejuvenating and anti-oxidant features. It is the pure Himalayan Shilajit that have been gathering with great care from the Sacred Himalayan Mountains. It’s the excretion of plant remains hard pressed between the rocks. Actizeet  Himalayan Shilajit is the greatest gift of nature. It is a natural source of energy which allows people to work harder with less exhaustion and more concentration. Using Actizeet in daily routine can help you improve your lifestyle.

Actizeet Pure Shilajit
Pure Shilajit from kashmir

Trusted Benefits

  • Energy Booster
  • Increases Exercise Endurance and Overall Fitness Level
  • Up-regulates Genes for Collagen Synthesis
  • Improves the Bioavailability of CoQ10
  • Increases Testosterone Level
  • Reproductive Health
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Bone Health
  • Skin and Aging
  • Obesity and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Pure and Safe

  • Unique Benefits only to ACTIZEET Shilajit Resin
  • Consistently Pure, Safe, and High efficacy Resin
  • Tested for Safety and Purity by Independent Accredited Lab
kashmiri shilajit
Actizeet Himalayan Shilajit


  • Natural supplement straight from the Himalayas
  • Pure Shilajit Resin contains over 85 natural nutrients
  • Comes in a semi-solid resin form
  • Pure Shilajit Resin has an earthy smell
  • Has no additives or preservatives
  • Free from organic contaminants and heavy metals

Why Choose ACTIZEET?

  • Fulvic Acid is over 60% optimized and standardized.
  • Sourced directly by us from Drass Valley, Kargil, Ladakh, India
  • Processed through Surya Taapi (Sun-Dried) Method of Traditional Ayurveda for Maximum Potency.
  • Manufactured at Our own ISO and GMP certified Unit under strict surveillance for Quality control.
  • Tested by Accredited laboratory for Purity and Safety.
  • Reasonably priced.
Actizeet Authentic Shilajit
Actizeet original shilajit


Why not opt for the centuries-old solution for boosting hormonal health, cardiac function, and concentration abilities?

With Actizeet Pure Shilajit resin, you can get your hands on the exceptional and extremely powerful transporter of nutrition and energy.
No doubt, Actizeet Pure Shilajit is one of the best and perfect nature gifts. It is a natural source of energy and helps people to work smarter, harder with less exhaustion, and with more concentration.

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It’s Simple

ACTIZEET Shilajit resin is in the purest form and therefore has an earthy taste and smell. It is the most natural form of shilajit so it’s semi-solid and has a gooey appearance.

  • Take rice to pea-sized (300 mg) portion of ACTIZEET with spoon comes along with ACTIZEET Package.
  • Dissolve it in hot water, warm milk, or tea (takes around 5-10 minutes)
  • Try drinking it on an empty stomach every morning


  • Fulvic Acid
  • Selenium
  • Resin


1. What is ACTIZEET?

Actizeet Shilajit is a powerful, naturally occurring health supplement that has far-reaching physical & mental benefits.

2. How Do ACTIZEET works?

Like any health supplement, your body uses the nutrients and trace minerals in ACTIZEET Shilajit to repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate the body, providing increased energy and other health benefits.

3. Is ACTIZEET Shilajit safe?

Yes, ACTIZEET Shilajit is regularly laboratory tested and certified to ensure that it is completely safe for consumption.

4. Is ACTIZEET chemically enhanced?

No, ACTIZEET is not chemically enhanced. Actizeet is in the purest form of natural ingredients with no extra additives.

5. Does ACTIZEET have side effects?

No, there are no commonly reported side effects of Actizeet Shilajit.

6. Is ACTIZEET effective?

ACTIZEET Shilajit is extremely effective. Shilajit is highly bio-available, meaning your body quickly absorbs the 85 minerals and puts its many nutrients right to work.

7. Who should take ACTIZEET?

As a nutritive supplement ACTIZEET shilajit is encouraged for everyone, both men and women.

8. Where does Actizeet come from?

Actizeet Shilajit is harvested high in the Himalayan mountains. Actizeet Shilajit is a rare, naturally occurring, nutritive plant and geological substance that is harvested from rock formations. It is not synthesized in a laboratory, and it is not a generic combination of vitamins produced in a factory.


371 reviews for ACTIZEET Pure Shilajit 20 Grams

  1. Nabarun Majumdar

    I’ve been using this silajit resin to help me restore my strength after a workout, and I’ve noticed that I have more energy and am less weary afterward. Even a small amount of spoon can help you feel more energised.

  2. Pramod Kumar

    Guys, this is 100 percent pure and excellent grade shilajit. I’ve tried a lot of different brands, but this one is the best. After only ten days, I’m feeling more energized throughout the day and charming in bed…

  3. Shruti Sahoo

    I’d heard good things about Shilajit, and now I can say I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him. These were purchased to aid in hormone balance and energy, and they really make a difference. I’ll keep taking them on a daily basis!

  4. Mayank R Mishra

    Although the flavour is powerful and distinct, I truly believe and believe that this product improves my life! I’ve seen an increase in energy, a rise in my spirits, and a sharpening of my thinking. I’m going to buy some more!!

  5. Nikhil S Gurjar

    I’ve been using Shilajit products for quite some time. However, ACTIZEET’s Pure Shilajit is one of the highest-quality products I’ve ever utilised. Their packaging is also fantastic.

  6. Bobby Bhargawa

    I decided to write the review after I had used it for a while. It’s been a month, and it’s clearly working; the general weariness and mental freeze that I used to experience have vanished. I’ve noticed a noticeable difference in my stamina as well as my ability to think clearly. Highly recommended, as it benefits both the body and the mind…

  7. Monoj Kr Das

    Just keep doing what you’re doing…. Shilajit’s magical power has been felt by me. Please keep your purity… As long as I know your stuff works, I’ll be a regular customer… Anything else will be recognised as well… So please stay pure and continue to shower us with the blessings of nature.

  8. Muhammad Amir

    The Shilajit was of excellent quality. It’s safe to claim that it’s 100% Shilajit. They’ve also done a fantastic job with the packaging. Sweet Almond Oil from ACTIZEET is also good.

  9. Onkar Plaha

    For a long time, I was in desperate need of a pure Shilajit. Finally, I received one from ACTIZEET. Also, the delivery was quite quick. This product is fantastic for immunity and overall nourishment.

  10. Bhavesh Shah

    If you’re tired and don’t feel like you have enough energy, this is a must-try. It also boosts your immunity and energy levels. ACTIZEET has a good product. If the taste is better, a larger number of individuals will utilise it without reluctance.

  11. Prakash Ambike

    The finished product is both pure and wonderful. It has a horrible taste at first, but it will grow on you. Within one week of use, it improves bodily stamina and overall health. Overall, it’s accomplishing its goal.

  12. Arvind Nathani

    What a fantastic product! You may notice a difference on the first day.

  13. Rahul Jaiswal

    This is an excellent supplement! Full marks for delivering a fantastic product in international packing standards! I’ve already placed my second order, which I’ll be gifting to friends in other countries! Thank you very much.

  14. Srilatha Subramaniam

    Shilajit is well-known for its several advantages, and this is the one you should think about. The product’s thickness and texture appeal to me. The packaging in black appears to be very high-end. I would highly suggest this product for daily use.

  15. Ankur Tripathi

    If you take it on a regular basis, it’s a good substance for your immune system, and it comes in an appealing package. It is something that should be used without hesitation. Yes, you will see a difference in your physique within 3-4 days.

  16. Palak Dutta

    This thing was fantastic. It is beneficial to your health. Boost your immunity. The quality is exceptional. The price is reasonable. Excellent value for money.

  17. Arsh JaiKrishan

    I started using this supplement because Shilajit is believed to increase sperm count and mobility, and it has undeniably improved my sex power. I’ve also noticed that my skin has started to sparkle. Overall, it’s the best supplement I’ve ever used.

  18. Nair Sankar

    This product is fantastic… It’s high in TRACE MINERALS and FULVIC ACID, which help to keep your immune system in good shape. Lots of vitality. A daily serving of shilajit resin is one spoon. It helps me get through the day.

  19. Jayesh Thakkar

    This is an excellent supplement for overall health. Shilajit resin of premium quality is available from ACTIZEET. It dissolves easily in warm water and leaves no trace behind. This demonstrates its exceptional quality.

  20. Sanjay Shukla

    Before retiring to bed, I cheerfully exchanged my delicious coffee for this tar-scented beverage. Within two weeks of use, the weariness and joint pain had subsided. Only one drawback: at first, the potent odor hits you in the nose like a punch.

  21. Rishabh Srinivasan

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever purchased. I was reading about vitamins for energy and clarity when I came across this, and it is by far the nicest thing I’ve ever seen! My wife and I are starting our second week, and it has exceeded our expectations in every way! Amazing! I’m going to get a few more to keep on hand!

  22. Subhamoy Das

    I bought ACTIZEET Shilajit Resin about a month ago and found it to be quite beneficial. It has improved my physical strength and immunity. I’d want to express my heartfelt gratitude to ACTIZEET and highly encourage people to try ACTIZEET Shilajit Resin.

  23. Kathlean Cordner

    In terms of quality, this is a genuinely premium product!! After a few days of use, you will notice a difference. This ACTIZEET Shilajit resin is packaged nicely. I have told all of my friends to just go to ACTIZEET Shilajit.

  24. Vishnu Patel

    It’s fantastic. It provided me with vitality. Strength. Stamina. Pre-workout drink, I use virtually every day. And it has never let me down. I’m going to buy it again.

  25. Harickson Dsouza

    First and foremost, I’d want to discuss the excellent product. It gave you the motivation to complete all of your tasks. It’s very beneficial for gym athletes and hard workers. The flavour is also excellent. Packing is also beneficial. It was well worth the money.

  26. Meghraj Bachani

    Because I had covid and then bronchitis, I was looking for a natural hormone booster. Within being down for eight weeks, this ACTIZEET Shilajit Resin gave me energy, and after a week, I was finally feeling better. This has taken the place of my iron supplement. To enhance Immunity and Power, I strongly advise everyone to use ACTIZEET Shilajit resin.

  27. Patricia Mariano

    This product performed admirably, even better than similar items I had previously used. I noticed an improvement in my energy levels after about two weeks of using this medication. Overall, I felt better about my health and well-being. This product comes highly recommended.

  28. Sandeep Patil

    It does exactly what it says on the website: it boosts my energy levels. We need minerals and elements, I suppose because the food we eat comes from bad/poor soil quality. I don’t get enough rest since I don’t have enough time, but this supplement keeps me alive. They provide excellent customer service and are highly professional.

  29. Praful Zala

    This shilajit gives me a lot of energy. It provides you with all-day energy and energy to combat fatigue. It has also been reported to be beneficial to sexual well-being. Overall, it’s a beautiful and genuine product. The packaging presentation is also excellent.

  30. Som Nath Pal

    If you’re feeling tired, take two spoons of Shilajit resin every day, according to the instructions. I took one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and it smelled and tasted funny. But I’ll put that aside for now. This is good, very good stuff, and I believe it works. I’m going to order some more.

  31. Chetan Jagtap

    For what they’ve written, the product is truly inadequate. It was quite effective in my opinion. It actually works. I’ve been using it for a week and I’ve noticed a difference. It gave me a jolt and helped me sleep better. More focus and less exhaustion. Within a week, you will witness results. This product has no negative effects. Each day of your life should be enjoyed and smashed.

  32. Vishal Patil

    After 5-6 weeks of use, I noticed a difference. From twice a day for 20 seconds each to five times a day for 20 minutes each, there has been a significant improvement (if you know what I mean). This product has gained a new level of respect in my eyes. My immunity has also considerably increased. Strongly suggested!!

  33. Dr. Yogesh Malhotra

    This Shilajit Resin will be with me for the rest of my life. I’m really delighted I came across it. This is something that my brain excels at! When I don’t take this, I see a significant difference. I take this first thing in the morning before doing anything else, and I am cheerful and productive as a result. Without it, not so much.

  34. Harshad Madaghe

    Far superior to other businesses and low-quality products available on the market. Without hesitation, go ahead and do it. One thing to keep in mind is that you must use one bottle for a month, not according to spoon size. The spoon is only for convenience and is not used to measure the dose.

  35. Shivanki Patel

    The packing and appearance of the goods appealed to me greatly. So far, the water dissolve test has been completed. Dissolves crystal clear in warm water with no obvious impurities or residue at the bottom. I completed all of the tests and found the product (Shilajit) to be completely genuine.

  36. Prajwal Chougule

    Actizeet Shilajit is a natural energy booster that can be used by people of all ages. The packaging was excellent, and the Kit included a lovely spoon. Shilajit is rich in antioxidants and contains all-natural components. When you take a grain size drop of Shilajit and simply touch it with water, it passes the true test. It easily dissolves in water. Overall, it was a good investment of time, money, and effort. I wholeheartedly recommend this product.

  37. Saumil Pandya

    Excellent packing in every sense of the word. I’ve taken care of the tiniest details. A spoon is included. There will be no leak. The outside packaging is intact, as is the bottle. Small Pinewood packaging that is sturdy. I received a full product test report. Please buy this with your eyes closed and you will never be disappointed. The merchant deserves a big thumbs up.

  38. Niklesh Malkani

    Shilajit in resin form, made from natural shilajit. I can tell a difference after using it for a few days on a regular basis. It offers you energy all day and makes you feel energized. I take it according to the instructions on the box. The presentation and packaging are excellent. On-time delivery. It was well worth the money.

  39. Abhishek Majumder

    I was suffering from arthritis in my knees and joints. The doctor suggested that I take steroids. This was recommended in a health article, and my joint/knee pain was gone in 12 days. Without pain, I can bend, squat, and stand. The flavour is mildly bitter, however, this is minor in comparison to the benefits. I’ve bought it before and will buy it again.

  40. Sharmin Ahsan Bithi

    This is something I would never go a day without!!! I was apprehensive about the outcomes I might or might not get, even after reading other reviews. I saw a significant improvement in cognition and energy after around 10 days. On weekends, I still nap and consume a lot of coffee, but it makes a significant difference in my performance. Thank you so much, ACTIZEET, for creating such a fantastic vitamin.

  41. Dhiraj Rane

    It’s fantastic. It’s my first time trying it, and I’m immediately a fan. My Focus seemed to improve the second day I started taking it. When it came to making judgments, I was able to think more clearly. Assisting me with my anxiousness. That is undeniable. Thank you very much. I’m confident we’ll buy from you again. Thank you very much.

  42. Krunalsinh Chauhan

    This shilajit resin is an excellent supplement for increasing athletic stamina and energy. Although the smell and taste are unpleasant, they suggest that it is a pure product. ACTIZEET Shilajit is a fantastic supplement, particularly when it isn’t highly processed like some other kinds. This ACTIZEET contains 100% genuine Shilajit Resin.

  43. Suvam Saha

    Add shilajit to your diet if your energy is low or non-existent. Shilajit by ACTIZEET is a naturally occurring dietary supplement with a faster-acting composition. It’s high in micro and macronutrients, amino acids, vitamins, lipids, resins, and essential oils, among other things. These active compounds energize and strengthen the body. The advantages of Actizeet Shilajit during physical activity include: Restores metabolism, accelerates metabolism, increases hemoglobin, aids recovery, strengthens ligaments, and speeds tissue regeneration A powerful natural biostimulant.

  44. Mirza Tariq Mustafa

    This is my third day of taking shilajit. I just realized I’m on my second hour of housecleaning and I still have plenty of energy! Wow! I’m not tired the way I usually am by this time. My mind is sharp, and I believe I could read the dictionary and like – and remember – each and every word. This stuff is almost magical! I’m studying for my state’s real estate exam, and this product will be quite useful. BOOM! (This is a fantastic boom!)

  45. Ankit Thakkar

    I’m a little afraid to submit this review since I don’t want it to become popular and rare. After the second day of taking two per day, I felt incredibly energized. The energy is fantastic, as is the overall sensation of well-being, but the benefits on my skin have been astonishing. Even though I’m 38, I still have acne on my scalp and back of the neck. I’m entirely clear after 3-4 days of taking this. I’ve been entirely clear for the first time in 20 years. At first, I couldn’t believe it, but it was true.

  46. Laura Bell

    I was seeking a way to boost my immune system. On Google, I discovered ACTIZEET shilajit resin (a sticky tar-like material) and ordered it from their website. I contacted their Customer Service department to learn how to utilize it and then began utilizing it. After a few days, I noticed a considerable rise in my energy. It was also clearing my system of poisons and other impurities. Other folks, on the other hand, desired to take it but needed a more convenient and pleasurable means to do so. So, I came across these, and we just adore them. Others have seen an increase in energy as well.

  47. Mangesh Khanvilkar

    This product appeals to me much. When I take it, I get a sense of general well-being, which is crucial in these crazy times! Because of the minerals, my family doctor advised me to keep taking it. It also helps to decalcify the pineal gland, according to what I’ve heard. I don’t hate the flavour at all, even though it isn’t ideal. I use the spoon that comes with the product to take a Pea Size of Shilajit Resin. I reasoned that this would allow it to enter my bloodstream without passing through my digestive system. I feel great after just a few minutes of using it.

  48. Prasad Vijay Arolkar

    Before writing a review, I waited a bit longer than a week. I conducted my homework and decided to give it a shot because the pricing seemed acceptable. To provide some context, I’m anemic, have a ridiculous number of food sensitivities, and have low energy… A typical workday exhausts me to the point of exhaustion. I began using ACTIZEET Shilajit resin. I didn’t notice much for the first two days. On Day 3, I noticed that my overall attitude had improved and that I wasn’t as tired when I returned home from work. The adjustments weren’t revolutionary. It’s not like I went from Grinch to Sunshine, but I felt normal again, in terms of both energy and attitude, and that was well worth it! A few things to keep in mind… Yes, it has an unpleasant taste, but it is a small tablet that is easily swallowed.

  49. Amit Rane

    ACTIZEET Shilajit Resin tastes just like freshly mixed tar that’s ready to pour on a road. I take it with a pea-sized shilajit and warm water. I’m acclimated to the taste now, but the harsh, tar flavour surprised me at first. I didn’t expect them to taste like ice cream or anything, but the flavour is awful. Let me tell you, the vile flavour is well worth it; these things WORK! I’m not sure if they’ll work for everyone, but they might be the best option for people who are deficient in specific minerals and/or require a strong anti-inflammatory. Over the course of a week, I took these on a daily basis and accomplished so much around the house that it’s incredible. They simply inspire you to work and keep active. You are in a pleasant mood. I’m usually quite sedentary, so these are perfect for me.

  50. Raghu Bharadwaj

    Shilajit, it’s pretty potent. I’ve tried different shilajit before, but the results were not as noticeable as with ACTIZEET Shilajit. Simply dip the side of a spoon into the compound and combine with water or milk. The solvent liquid should be lukewarm. Every day, twice. Actually, that’s all you’ll need. Just make sure you use up the energy you’ve gained. Because of its energy-lending nature, I have a sedentary work that can contribute to sleep loss. There isn’t enough energy to rest. If you ingest it on a regular basis, you will wake up with a burst of energy; the only catch is that you will have to work up a sweat to help you sleep. It’s best not to eat for longer than 30 days at a time. The best method is to consume for 5 days and then rest for 2 days each week. Even then, it is preferable to continue for 4 to 6 weeks only, then rest for 1 or 2 weeks before consuming again, according to my experience. After a few days, you will notice effects, and it will take about 7 days to experience the complete effects.

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