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Buy Shilajit Online  – Purest semi-solid form of shilajit

  • Benefits :
    1. Renews Vital Powers: that is why used as a tonic.
    2. Nourishes the nervous system.
    3. Improves the blood and nervous supply to each and every part of the body, that why it is used as an aphrodisiac.
    4. Improves blood and nervous supply. It is also used in blocked arteries of the heart as it improves the supply to the heart and also cleanses the blocked channels.
    5. Highly effective in the management of Arthritis as it decreases the inflammation of joints.
    6. It is useful in general debility and tiredness

SHILAJIT DOSAGE: 200-300mg with warm milk or warm water

SIDE EFFECTS: No Side effects.

So if you are looking to buy shilajit online then we recommend going for ACTIZEET. This is an ayurvedic product and has no side effects.