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How to Identify Real Shilajit

How to Identify Real Shilajit

Real Shilajit is found in the Himalayan Mountains, and this tar-like substance is available in red, gold, brown, black, and grey rocks.

Shilajit, also known as pure natural bliss, has been gaining vast global popularity due to its profound medicinal qualities. This astonishing, tar-like substance has to be collected from the great heights of the mighty Himalayan Mountains – the only place on earth, which leads to the formation of 100% real Shilajit. Authentic Shilajit can only be found in Red and Gold rocks. The Gold Grade is the most effective form of this natural substance.

Penned down in the ancient Sanskrit Ayurvedic medicinal scriptures, this black, resinous substance has the sheer power to fight cardiac problems, digestive disorders, urinary and nervous system issues, and life-threatening diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Real Shilajit also helps to improve your immune system, which enables it to fight off bodily pathogens with great strength.  

Shilajit and Its Counterfeits

Shilajit, being the gracious gift of Mother Nature, loaded with all the health benefits, however, extremely difficult to obtain. When the Himalayan rocks crack due to the extreme heatwaves, authentic Shilajit oozes out from them. This is a fully natural process that is entirely dependent on the weather. What makes the collection of real Shilajit even more difficult is the windy and chilly mountain tops, which tend to remain cool most of the time, making it hard for the rocks to crack.

Due to this substance being so critical to obtain, the marketplace has found several ways in manufacturing its counterfeits. As Fulvic acid is the prime component of organic Shilajit, many companies have come up with procedures in creating fake Shilajit using charcoal and coal. These are filled with Fulvic acid and sold in the name of Shilajit, which lacks all the medicinal qualities of this potent substance. Shilajit produced in this manner is not only a waste of money but can also pose health risks due to the Fulvic acid being the same as the one found in regular fertilizers.

In recent times, Shilajit is being sold in the form of powder and capsules, most of which have zero medicinal qualities of the actual, resin form of this substance. Small, unpopular brands also sell a common lookalike of Shilajit, called Ozokerite. It has the same black appearance as that of real, pure Shilajit, but does not do any good to human health. Also known as earth wax, it is cheap and one of the best counterfeits of Shilajit. It occurs naturally and can be found in many localities.

The process of purifying Shilajit requires skill and knowledge, which the rural people residing near the Himalayas are best equipped with. It requires natural sunlight and crystal clear spring water, producing the ever efficacious, resin form of original Shilajit.

Why the Scam?

Although fake, the making of products resembling pure Shilajit does require a lot of money. Then why do companies create and sell such gimmicky goods to the customers? Well, that is because the cost incurred in making Shilajit counterfeits is a lot less than extracting and purifying the original ones. It is not easy trekking up the great heights of the Himalayan Mountains, as high as 16,000 – 18,000 feet above sea level.

Besides the costly part of getting your hands on real Shilajit, you must know that it is one of the rarest substances on earth. Listed third in the list of most rare collectibles, under Uranium and Manni Olive Oil, the process of obtaining Shilajit is more complex than that of collecting Saffron or 100-year-old Balsamic Vinegar. Besides the intricate extraction procedure, it is also very expensive.

Pure Shilajit

The Various Qualities of Shilajit

The various qualities of Shilajit can be identified from the type of rocks they are extracted from. The better the quality of Shilajit, the more potent it is in terms of healing diseases and keeping the human body full of vigor and vitality. The rocks are the only way through which one can know the true quality of Shilajit. This is because, no matter which color or type of rock it is collected from, all types of Shilajit have the same sticky and black appearance, making it very difficult to distinguish between their qualities, post the extraction process.

Let us take a quick glance at the different types of rocks and the quality of Shilajit they produce.

Gold & Red Rocks

These rocks are found in the highest regions of the tall, Himalayan Mountains. They produce the finest quality Shilajit and are the most difficult to find. The Gold Graded Shilajit found in these rocks is used mostly for the overall rejuvenation of the human body.

Black Rocks

These rocks are mostly found in Nepal and Bhutan, and the Shilajit they produce are of fairly good quality. Ranked second in the order of quality, the Iron Grade Shilajit is beneficial for the smooth functioning of the fat/adipose tissue system (Meda Dhatu).

Grey Rocks

Shilajit extracted from these grayish-toned rocks are helpful for curing issues related to the nervous system or bone marrow (Maja Dhatu).

Brown Rocks

Shilajit obtained from these rocks are categorized to be of the Copper Grade. It is beneficial for liver problems.

Above are the four graded Shilajit forms which are filled with the goodness of nature and actually help to deal with health issues. Shilajit obtained from other sources except for the mentioned four rocks are categorized to be of 5th or lower grade, having zero medicinal benefits. They are mostly formed from animal feces and commonly sold worldwide, in the name of the top, Gold Graded Shilajit.

How to identify original shilajit

After reading this piece of writing, you must be somewhat skeptical of the quality of Shilajit that you have recently bought, or might be using for some time. Get rid of all your doubts by putting your Shilajit to test. Here is how you can know if you have real, pure Shilajit with you:

  • Texture – 100% real Shilajit will melt in your hands after you hold it for a while, taking a sticky, resinous form. You can also cool it in the freezer, and then hit it hard with a hammer. If it shatters like glass, then congratulations, as that marks the purity of your Shilajit.
  • Solubility – Pure Shilajit will fully dissolve itself in water, or any of your preferred beverages. Test it with water or milk as natural Shilajit will always turn them red or golden, after dissolving.
  • Unburnable – 100% authentic Shilajit cannot burn. Light it up to see it giving off smoke. It will only burn if it is impure.

Above are 3 simple ways through which you can know if the substance you have purchased is actually real Shilajit.


We highly encourage you to test our Shilajit and be fully satisfied with your purchase. We only sell 100% authentic Shilajit to our customers, that too, in its most effective resin form. This is because Shilajit powders or capsules contain only 2% – 30% of its medicinal benefits, making them of no use for our customers.

As we have the sole aim of providing you with all the goodness of this natural substance, we only sell real Shilajit in its resin form, which is intact with several health benefits and has zero fillers or harmful chemicals.

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