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Why Is Saffron So Expensive

Why Is Saffron So Expensive? The Best Places To Find Original Kashmiri Saffron

Saffron is one of the most precious spices in the world, with just a small pinch adding rich flavor and a golden hue to any dish. But how did saffron become so valuable, and where can you find the best Kashmiri saffron? In this blog article, we’ll explore why is saffron so expensive and the best ways to source original Kashmiri saffron. Read on for more!


Kashmiri saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and has been used for centuries in both cooking and traditional medicine. The price of saffron varies depending on the quality and quantity. 

So, what makes this particular crop so valuable? Saffron is derived from the stigmas of the crocus sativus flower, which only grows in certain mountainous regions. The climate and altitude must be just right for the flowers to thrive – too much rain or sun can damage the delicate petals. The process of picking and drying the stigmas is also quite labor-intensive, as each individual flower only contains three stigmas.

In terms of flavor, Kashmiri saffron is said to be more potent and fragrant than other types of saffron. It’s often used in Indian cuisine, in dishes like biryani and korma. If you’re looking for authentic Kashmiri saffron, your best bet is to purchase it online from a reputable source.

What is Saffron?

Saffron is a spice derived from the saffron crocus, a species of flowering plant in the family Iridaceae. The saffron crocus grows to 20–30 cm (8–12 in) and bears up to four flowers, each with three crimson stigmas, which are the distal end of a carpel. These stigmas, which can be dried and used as a seasoning, are known as “saffron”.

Why Is Saffron So Expensive?

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. And for good reason! Saffron is labor-intensive to harvest and has a very distinct, strong flavor. But what makes saffron so special?

Saffron is actually the stigma of the crocus flower. The stigmas must be hand-picked and then dried, a process that can take up to a month. Because of this lengthy and delicate process, only a small amount of saffron can be produced each year.

This high demand and low supply drive up the price of saffron, making it one of the most expensive spices on the market. Kashmiri saffron is considered some of the best in the world, so it commands an even higher price tag.

If you’re looking for authentic Kashmiri saffron, your best bet is to head to a specialty spice store or shop online. These are typically the only places you’ll find original Kashmiri saffron at its highest quality (and price!).

Benefits of Saffron

Saffron is an extremely versatile spice, with a wide range of benefits. Here are some of the top reasons to use saffron:

  • Saffron can help improve digestion and relieve stomach pain.
  • Saffron is a natural detoxifier and can help improve liver function.
  • Saffron has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce swelling and pain associated with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.
  • Saffron can help boost cognitive function and memory.
  • Saffron has mood-enhancing effects and can be helpful in treating depression and anxiety.
  • Saffron may help reduce the risk of cancer by neutralizing free radicals.
  • Saffron can help reduce the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and dark spots.
  • Saffron can provide relief from pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms and aid in hormone regulation.
  • Saffron can help reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies.
  • Saffron has antiviral and antifungal properties, meaning that it may help fight off infections.

Different Types and Grades of Saffron

There are three grades of saffron – all of which come from the same plant. The most expensive and highest quality saffron is called “mongra,” followed by “losser” and then “red.” Mongra saffron is all stigmas, while losser contains some parts of the style as well. Red saffron is made up of pieces of the plant that have been crushed in the harvesting process and thus has the lowest quality. The cost of saffron also depends on the region where it’s grown. Saffron from Kashmir is considered to be the best quality, followed by Iran, Greece, Morocco, and Spain.

Where to Find Original Kashmiri Saffron?

Kashmiri Saffron is the most expensive and rarest form of saffron. It is grown in the Kashmir region of India and has a unique flavor that is different from other types of saffron. Kashmiri Saffron is difficult to find outside of India, but there are a few places where you can buy it online.

The best place to find original Kashmiri Saffron is on the website ACTIZEET. ACTIZEET Saffron is an online service that delivers authentic Kashmiri Saffron directly to your door. The saffron comes from family farms in the Kashmir region and is hand-picked and packed with care.

When buying Kashmiri Saffron online, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the real thing. There are many imitations on the market, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

Tips for Buying Authentic Kashmiri Saffron

When it comes to saffron, there is no substitute for the real thing. Kashmiri saffron is renowned for its exceptional quality, and as such, it commands a very high price. If you’re looking to add this luxurious spice to your collection, here are a few tips to ensure you’re getting the real deal:

  1. Do your research: When it comes to purchasing any type of food product, it’s important to do your research and know what you’re getting. With saffron, there are a lot of fraudulent products on the market masquerading as the real thing. Be sure to educate yourself on what true Kashmiri saffron looks like, smells like, and tastes like before making a purchase.
  2. Check the source: Once you’ve done your research and know what authentic Kashmiri saffron looks like, be sure to check the source of any saffron you’re considering buying. There are many unscrupulous sellers who mix cheaper saffron with Kashmiri saffron in order to increase their profits. only buy from reputable sources that can guarantee the authenticity of their product.
  3. Pay attention to price: As mentioned above, Kashmiri saffron is very expensive – but if you come across a seller offering it at an extremely low price, be wary. In most cases, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. When purchasing Kashmiri saffron, be prepared to pay a premium price, as this is reflective of its quality.
  4. Check for reviews: When buying from an online seller or vendor, read reviews from previous customers before placing an order. This will give you insight into the quality of the product and customer service offered by the seller.
  5. Taste test: If you can get your hands on a sample of Kashmiri saffron, take the opportunity to taste it before you buy. You’ll be able to distinguish between good-quality and bad-quality saffron based on its flavor; authentic Kashmiri saffron should have a bright, sweet flavor that doesn’t taste bitter or sour.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Saffron is expensive due to several factors, including the labor-intensive harvesting process, the small yield of saffron per plant, and the high demand for this rare spice.

Each crocus plant produces only a few strands of saffron, making the yield of saffron per plant very low. This, combined with the labor-intensive harvesting process, contributes to the high cost of saffron.

Saffron is harvested by hand from the crocus plant. The process is labor-intensive and requires skilled workers to carefully hand-pick the delicate saffron strands from each flower.

Each year, only a small amount of saffron is produced, contributing to its high cost. According to the International Saffron Association, the global production of saffron is estimated to be around 300 tons per year.

The majority of saffron is produced in Iran, followed by Spain and Afghanistan. Other countries that produce saffron include Greece, Italy, Morocco, and India.

Yes, saffron is considered a rare spice due to its low yield and the labor-intensive harvesting process. This, combined with high demand, contributes to its high cost.

Saffron is in high demand due to its unique flavor and aroma, and its use in traditional medicine and cuisine. Saffron is also used as a natural dye in textiles and cosmetics.

Yes, saffron is often considered a luxury item due to its high cost and reputation as a rare and sought-after spice.

Saffron has been considered an expensive spice for centuries, due to its low yield and labor-intensive harvesting process. Its reputation as a rare and sought-after spice has only increased over time, contributing to its continued high cost.

Yes, saffron prices can change due to factors such as supply and demand, weather conditions, and global market trends. The price of saffron may also vary depending on the quality and origin of the saffron.


We hope this article on why saffron is so expensive and the best places to find original Kashmiri saffron has provided you with an informative source of knowledge. Saffron’s unique taste, vivid color, and numerous health benefits make it a highly sought-after product worldwide. If you want to experience genuine saffron for yourself, then there’s no better place than Kashmiri Valley! Its various grades of quality mean that customers are guaranteed both high-grade and low-cost options from the same source – perfect for anyone looking to elevate their cooking without paying premium prices.


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ACTIZEET Saffron is a premium grade, meaning that it has a high concentration of crocin, the pigment responsible for saffron’s deep red color and unique flavor. It is perfect for use in cooking, baking, and even as a supplement for its numerous health benefits. Our saffron is also available in convenient packaging that can be easily stored for long-term use. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, ACTIZEET Saffron will elevate your dishes and give them a unique and exotic flavor.

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