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ACTIZEET Pure Shilajit 40 Grams
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ACTIZEET Pure Shilajit 40 Grams



Himalayan Shilajit Resin

40 Grams Pack / 180 Days Servings

Himalayan Shilajit is the greatest gift of nature. It is a natural source of energy that allows people to work harder with less exhaustion and more concentration. Using Actizeet in your daily routine can help you improve your lifestyle.

  • ACTIZEET is a high-quality, Purified Shilajit from the Himalayas, containing dibenzo-α-pyrones (DBPs), DBP-Chromoproteins (DCP), Fulvic Acid, and over 80 different minerals & substances, for natural performance enhancement & healthy aging.
  • Mitochondrial Energy Booster.
  • Improves the bioavailability of CoQ10.
  • MINERAL-RICH concentrated resin helps metabolize proteins & vitamins. Dissolves easily in water.
  • ANTIOXIDANT & bio-generative properties promote cellular regeneration & maintenance of older cells.
  • Sourced from the Himalayas (Dras Valley, Kargil, Ladakh)
  • Purified by Traditional Ayurvedic Surya Tapi ( Sun-Dried) Method.
  • No Side Effects

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Earth's Purest Gift for You

Actizeet Pure shilajit is the panacea of strength and offers great rejuvenating and anti-oxidant features. It is the pure Himalayan Shilajit that have been gathering with great care from the Sacred Himalayan Mountains. It’s the excretion of plant remains hard pressed between the rocks. Actizeet  Himalayan Shilajit is the greatest gift of nature. It is a natural source of energy which allows people to work harder with less exhaustion and more concentration. Using Actizeet in daily routine can help you improve your lifestyle.

Actizeet Pure Shilajit
best shilajit resin actizeet

Trusted Benefits

  • Mitochondrial Energy Booster
  • Increases Exercise Endurance and Overall Fitness Level
  • Up-regulates Genes for Collagen Synthesis
  • Improves the Bioavailability of CoQ10
  • Increases Testosterone Level
  • Reproductive Health
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Bone Health
  • Skin and Aging
  • Obesity and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Pure and Safe

  • Unique Benefits only to ACTIZEET Shilajit Resin
  • Consistently Pure, Safe, and High efficacy Resin
  • Tested for Safety and Purity by Independent Accredited Lab
buy shilajit resin actizeet
Actizeet Himalayan Shilajit


  • Natural supplement straight from the Himalayas
  • Pure Shilajit Resin contains over 85 natural nutrients
  • Comes in a semi-solid resin form
  • Pure Shilajit Resin has an earthy smell
  • Has no additives or preservatives
  • Free from organic contaminants and heavy metals

Why Choose ACTIZEET?

  • Fulvic Acid is over 60% optimized and standardized.
  • Sourced directly by us from Drass Valley, Kargil, Ladakh, India
  • Processed through Surya Taapi (Sun-Dried) Method of Traditional Ayurveda for Maximum Potency.
  • Manufactured at Our own ISO and GMP certified Unit under strict surveillance for Quality control.
  • Tested by Accredited laboratory for Purity and Safety.
  • Reasonably priced.
Actizeet Authentic Shilajit
Actizeet original shilajit


Why not opt for the centuries-old solution for boosting hormonal health, cardiac function, and concentration abilities?

With Actizeet Pure Shilajit resin, you can get your hands on the exceptional and extremely powerful transporter of nutrition and energy.
No doubt, Actizeet Pure Shilajit is one of the best and perfect nature gifts. It is a natural source of energy and helps people to work smarter, harder with less exhaustion, and with more concentration.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 8 cm


It’s Simple

ACTIZEET Shilajit resin is in the purest form and therefore has an earthy taste and smell. It is the most natural form of shilajit so it’s semi-solid and has a gooey appearance.

  • Take rice to pea-sized (300 mg) portion of ACTIZEET with spoon comes along with ACTIZEET Package.
  • Dissolve it in hot water, warm milk, or tea (takes around 5-10 minutes)
  • Try drinking it on an empty stomach every morning


  • Fulvic Acid
  • Selenium
  • Resin


1. What is ACTIZEET?

Actizeet Shilajit is a powerful, naturally occurring health supplement that has far-reaching physical & mental benefits.

2. How Do ACTIZEET works?

Like any health supplement, your body uses the nutrients and trace minerals in ACTIZEET Shilajit to repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate the body, providing increased energy and other health benefits.

3. Is ACTIZEET Shilajit safe?

Yes, ACTIZEET Shilajit is regularly laboratory tested and certified to ensure that it is completely safe for consumption.

4. Is ACTIZEET chemically enhanced?

No, ACTIZEET is not chemically enhanced. Actizeet is in the purest form of natural ingredients with no extra additives.

5. Does ACTIZEET have side effects?

No, there are no commonly reported side effects of Actizeet Shilajit.

6. Is ACTIZEET effective?

ACTIZEET Shilajit is extremely effective. Shilajit is highly bio-available, meaning your body quickly absorbs the 85 minerals and puts its many nutrients right to work.

7. Who should take ACTIZEET?

As a nutritive supplement ACTIZEET shilajit is encouraged for everyone, both men and women.

8. Where does Actizeet come from?

Actizeet Shilajit is harvested high in the Himalayan mountains. Actizeet Shilajit is a rare, naturally occurring, nutritive plant and geological substance that is harvested from rock formations. It is not synthesized in a laboratory, and it is not a generic combination of vitamins produced in a factory.


58 reviews for ACTIZEET Pure Shilajit 40 Grams


    ACTIZEET-authentic Shilajit

    ACTIZEET-authentic Shilajit
    I was hesitant about purchasing Shilajit for boosting my energy levels. However, when I searched for ACIZEET Shilajit reviews, I made up my mind and purchased the ACTIZEET-authentic Shilajit. I felt positive changes after consuming the product.

    Sonipat, Haryana, India

  2. Patrick Maasdam

    Energy booster

    Constant Energy after Consumption
    The amount you pay for ACTIZEET Shilajit is totally worth it. You get the highest quality of Shilajit that provides constant energy after consumption and multiple health benefits in the long term.

    Patrick Maasdam
    Etten-Leur, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

  3. Indrajit Varma

    Authentic Shilajit

    Authentic Form of Shilajit
    I can definitely vouch for the ACTIZEET Shilajit. I have used several brands of Shilajit. But ACTIZEET undeniably offers the purest and authentic form of Shilajit that has multiple benefits.

    Indrajit Varma
    Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

  4. Vipin Kumar

    Best Shilajit in India

    felt energetic
    I tried the ACTIZEET Shilajit for two days, and I am already feeling the changes in my body. I stirred a small amount with milk and felt energetic after consumption.

    Vipin Kumar
    Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

  5. Ashutosh Sharma

    Boost libido and Sex Drive

    High-Quality Pure Shilajit
    The products made by ACTIZEET are of high quality and easy to maintain. I faced no adverse effects from consuming the pure Shilajit.

    Ashutosh Sharma
    Chandigarh, Punjab, India

  6. Santosh Patil

    Himalayan Shilajit

    The purest form of shilajit
    The ACTIZEET Shilajit is quite expensive than the other companies. But trust me, they worth the money. I am using their products and I noticed an improvement in my health. You can go for ACTIZEET- The purest form of shilajit.

    Santosh Patil
    Tezpur, Assam, India

  7. Lajpat Pachar

    Himalayan Shilajit

    Wonderful customer service
    Wonderful customer service. I appreciate the way they handle every query and issue. I wanted to exchange my product as I ordered the wrong item, and their team helped me. Thanks to their team.

    Lajpat Pachar
    Chirawa, Rajasthan, India

  8. Manjeet Bhardwaj

    Himalayan Shilajit

    I saw improvement in my health
    Actizeet Pure Shilajit made with nutritious components and they are very healthy. ACTIZEET provides lots of information for every product. After using their products for three months, I saw improvement in my health.

    Manjeet Bhardwaj
    Gurgaon, Haryana, India

  9. Vikas Seth

    Himalayan Shilajit

    Value for money
    Value for money. I bought many products from them and will buy them again. I recommend their products to everyone.

    Vikas Seth
    Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India


    Himalayan Shilajit

    Genuine Shilajit
    Genuine Shilajit and excellent customer service. The customer support team is very supportive. They helped me to exchange my product as I selected the wrong quantity. Thank you!!

    FARIDABAD, Haryana, India

  11. Vijay Kaushik

    Himalayan Shilajit

    I am satisfied
    ACTIZEET provides lots of information about their product which makes them the best. The products are effective and healthy. I am satisfied with their service and quality.

    Vijay Kaushik
    Rewari, Haryana

  12. Dadarao Shelke

    Himalayan Shilajit

    ACTIZEETcustomer support team is outstanding and they seem genuinely interested in customer satisfaction. Also, their exchange policy is very easy and their team guides so well.

    Dadarao Shelke
    Jalna, Maharashtra, India


    Himalayan Shilajit

    high-quality ingredients
    Love their products. Every product is made with high-quality ingredients and they last for a long time.

    NEW DELHI, India

  14. Keshav Trehan

    Himalayan Shilajit

    100% natural and healthy
    Products are 100% natural and healthy. The customer support is unbelievably helpful and responds quickly. I recommend their products to everyone.

    Keshav Trehan
    Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA, India

  15. Hitesh Shahu

    Himalayan Shilajit

    effective and has lots of health benefits
    Actizeet Pure Sheelajit is effective and has lots of health benefits. They also provide lots of information about their product so that no one will face any problem while ordering. I recommend ACTIZEET.

    Hitesh Shahu
    Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

  16. Shivraj Vishwakarma

    Himalayan Shilajit

    Shilajit pure original
    Actizeet Shilajit pure original has a lovely smell and they are 100% natural. I am using their products for a long time and got significant results. Want to thank their whole team for giving us such beneficial products.

    Shivraj Vishwakarma
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  17. Kapil Mishra

    Himalayan Shilajit

    Quite expensive but worth the money
    All the ACTIZEET products are made of high-quality ingredients and they are healthy. Quite expensive but worth the money. I will order again.

    Kapil Mishra
    Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, India

  18. Amit Kumar

    Himalayan Shilajit

    the customer support team is very much helpful
    The customer support team is very much helpful. I ordered an item for a different quantity and the customer support arranged everything within a day. Keep going!!

    Amit Kumar
    Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India

  19. Shashikant Pophalikar

    Himalayan Shilajit

    100% pure and healthy
    These products are 100% pure and healthy. I bought many products and will buy more. I want to recommend their products to everyone.

    Shashikant Pophalikar
    Pune, Maharashtra, India

  20. mohd suhail

    Himalayan Shilajit

    pure shilajit
    I like ACTIZEET pure shilajit as they are natural and have numerous health benefits. I ordered lots of products from their sites and was satisfied with their quick delivery. Thanks!!

    mohd suhail
    Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

  21. Naresh Bhardwaj

    Himalayan Shilajit

    Their products are beautifully well-made and they last for many years. The customer support team is available 24/7. I am satisfied with their products and services.

    Naresh Bhardwaj
    Ludhiana, Punjab, India

  22. Alisha Rangari

    Himalayan Shilajit

    got significant results
    I have been recommending their products to all my friends and families because I got significant results after using their product. I will rebuy it. Thank You!

    Alisha Rangari
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


    Himalayan Shilajit

    100% natural Shilajit
    They provide lots of details about their products, so I never faced any issue while ordering. Their every product is well-made and 100% natural Shilajit.

    BHOPAL, Madhya Pradesh, India


    Himalayan Shilajit

    original shilajit
    I am delighted with their products and services. I Will order again and I recommend ACTIZEET-original shilajit to all my friends and colleagues.

    Sonipat, Haryana, India

  25. Ashutosh Sharma

    Himalayan Shilajit

    excellent service
    Great team and excellent service. I placed an order for the wrong item, and the customer support team arranged everything within 24 hours.

    Ashutosh Sharma
    Chandigarh, PB, India

  26. Rahul Rane

    excellent quality
    The product seems to be of excellent quality, and both my girlfriend and I are very pleasantly surprised. I can feel its aphrodisiac properties.

    Rahul Rane
    Mumbai, MH, India

  27. Raj Kumar

    most extraordinary product
    A great experience with the seller. The most extraordinary product I’ve ever bought.

    Raj Kumar
    Pune, MH, India

  28. Kunal

    live a full life again
    Actizeet means a lot for me to be capable to live a full life again.

    Hisar, HR, India

  29. Sadhu Ram

    Great results
    I was ordering shilajit from Actizeet last year at least. Great results, feel good and full of energy.

    Sadhu Ram
    New Delhi, India

  30. Manoj Jakaria

    I’m so happy
    I’m so happy to have found such a great supplier of quality shilajit at a reasonable price.

    Manoj Jakaria
    Jaipur, RJ, India

  31. Pawan Verma

    really good quality shilajit
    I have been using Actizeet Shilajit for a week now and have noticed improvements in my energy levels and even my libido!
    This is really good quality shilajit.

    Pawan Verma
    Meerut, UP, India

  32. Naresh Gandhi

    I’m focused, ready, awake from the moment my eyes open. Thank you ACTIZEET.

    Naresh Gandhi
    Delhi, India

  33. Eknath Bhiduri

    HIGHLY recommended
    Super clean product. HIGHLY recommended.

    Eknath Bhiduri
    New Delhi, India

  34. Sachin Kher

    I love it
    I love it and will definitely be buying it again.

    Sachin Kher
    Kalyan, MH, India

  35. Anjali Mahato

    Actizeet is great stuff
    Actizeet is great stuff for my arthritis, And healthier than drugs.

    Anjali Mahato
    Ranchi, JH, India

  36. Gargi Chahal

    Who says a miracle is an illusion?
    Who says a miracle is an illusion? Here is an answer: Actizeet.

    Gargi Chahal
    Noida, UP, India

  37. Mohan Vaidya

    increase in my energy
    I’ve very quickly noticed an increase in my energy. Thanks, Actizeet for the fast delivery.

    Mohan Vaidya
    Kochi, Kerala, India

  38. Ganesh Kohli

    boost in the bedroom too
    It gave me a good boost and I was in a pumped-up state after a day or two of taking. It also gave mental clarity and boost in the bedroom too.

    Ganesh Kohli
    Mumbai, MH, India

  39. Manu Sharma

    Best quality shilajit
    Best quality shilajit, but costly.

    Manu Sharma
    Lucknow, U.P., India

  40. Ranjeet Yadav

    Don’t go without Actizeet Shilajit
    Don’t go without Actizeet Shilajit. No way. Best stuff ever. Don’t take it for granted either as it’s ancient and comes out some real nice mountains so best believe it’s special. Stock up before it goes mainstream.

    Ranjeet Yadav
    Nalanda, Bihar, India

  41. Chirag Singh

    Actizeet Shilajit is the ultimate stuff
    Actizeet Shilajit is the ultimate stuff. Trust me. I used this for months now. Proper energy, vitality, and stimulation are noticeable.

    Chirag Singh
    Jalandhar, Punjab, India

  42. Pradip Bala

    Good Product
    Good Product. Very effective
    Pradip Bala
    Cuttack, Odisha, India

  43. Rohit Milind

    Best supplement ever!
    Best supplement ever! My vision, hormones, mood, energy, presence is all improved after using this only after 3 weeks!

    Rohit Milind
    Pune, Maharashtra, India

  44. Vijay Kulkarni

    Great for bi-polar
    My son loves this it helps him with energy and clarifies his mind no negative thoughts

    Vijay Kulkarni
    Mumbai, India

  45. Santosh Rathour

    Actizeet helped my joints and my energy..Love it!!!
    I have taken this for about 3 months and can honestly say that it has increased my energy; helped with my excessive stiffness of joints;
    and in some ways improved my general mood. I sleep better and am very, very happy with the results of taking shilajit from this company. I tell everyone about it although I am not sure they care for the taste..I take it under the tongue and let it dissolve and it has been helpful with my health, but other reviews take it differently. I can tolerate the taste.

    Santosh Rathour
    Kanpur, UP, India

  46. Vincent Antony

    I am very very pleased with the Actizeet

    I am very very pleased with the Actizeet. This is my second time ordering it. Truly a product that enhances my energy and gives me the mental clarity that I need when I have brain fog. I will definitely recommend Actizeet to anyone who feels physically, and mentally ill, distraught, weighted down and or tired.

    Vincent Antony
    Goa, India

  47. Soma Ghosh

    Five Stars

    Soma Ghosh
    Kolkata, India

  48. Jitendra Barve

    Love this in my morning coffee

    I really Love Actizeet. Everyone’s tastes may be different, but for me…i actually very much like the hint of flavor it adds when i put a short rice grain size bit into my morning organic coffee. Now i don’t want to make a cup without it as it adds an enjoyable bolder flavor to my morning brew.

    Jitendra Barve
    Surat, Gujarat, India

  49. Murli Manohar Naidu

    A+ grade Quality and Potent Shilajit.
    I am an Ayurvedic user for 20+ years and I can tell you that this is definitely A+ when it comes to quality and potency. I primarily consume this sublingually and occasionally mix it with milk.

    To get the maximum benefit out of Actizeet, your body needs to be in balance (Vata, Pitta & Kapha). Starting small is always recommended especially for people who have never tried Shilajit before. Shilajit has many medicinal benefits. A lot of it can be found online and in Ayurvedic books.

    If you can afford it, you should make Shilajit part of your everyday health regime. Wishing ACTIZEET success and keep the supply of Shilajit coming.

    Murli Manohar Naidu
    Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

  50. Vinay Kumar Shetty

    Very authentic

    Very authentic and real shilajit
    Vinay Kumar Shetty
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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