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shialjit for diabetes

Shilajit for Diabetes: An Age-Old Solution For Diabetic Patients

In ancient Ayurveda, Shilajit is understood to be an adaptogenic herb or what’s so-called RASAYAN. Shilajit for Diabetes can be an ultimate preventive measure.

Diabetes Mellitus, a name you would hate to see in your health reports. It is a global epidemic in this millennium. It has been reported that the highest increase in Diabetes Mellitus prevalence is amongst low and middle-income countries, predominantly within the 40-59 years age group, although a tendency is seen for onset at a younger age. Estimates of 347 million people have Diabetes Mellitus! Diabetes Mellitus is an emerging healthcare challenge for India. India had 62 million diabetic subjects within the year 2013, which is quite 7.1% of India’s adult population. An estimate shows that almost 1 million Indians die due to DM per annum.

Medical Complications

Do you know what makes this disease one of the most feared? Diabetes was once regarded as a single disease entity but is now seen as a group of diseases, characterized by a state of chronic hyperglycaemia, resulting from diversity. The underlying cause of Diabetes is the decreased production or the reduced action of insulin, a hormone that controls glucose metabolism. Characteristically, Diabetes may be a long-term disease with variable clinical manifestations and progression. Chronic hyperglycemia leads to a number of complications – cardiovascular, renal, neurological, and ocular infections.

Prevalence and an Upward Trend!

Diabetes is referred to as an “iceberg” disease. Although the increase in both the prevalence and incidence of type 2 diabetes has occurred globally, they need to be especially dramatic in societies in economic transition, in newly industrialized countries, and in developing countries. The total number of Diabetics worldwide is around 37 million, among which almost 1.2 million people die each year of high blood sugar levels. Most diabetic deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

What Makes Diabetes one of the most Feared Conditions?

Diabetic patients, if undiagnosed or inadequately treated, develop multiple chronic complications resulting in irreversible disability and death. Coronary heart conditions and stroke are more common in diabetics than within the general population. Microvascular complications like diabetic renal disease and diabetic retinopathy, and neuropathy are serious health problems resulting in deterioration of the quality of life and premature death. In fact, Diabetes is listed among the five most vital determinants of the disorder epidemic in Asia.

 Lower limb amputation is very common in diabetic patients of developed countries; more than half of all non-traumatic lower-limb amputations are due to Diabetes. Metabolic disorders in pregnant diabetic women as well as those caused by gestational Diabetes, pose a high health risk to both the mother and fetus.

How Well-informed Are WE? 

Unfortunately, there’s still inadequate awareness about the important dimension of the matter among the overall public. There is also a scarcity of awareness about the prevailing interventions for preventing Diabetes and, therefore, the management of complications. Inadequacies in primary health care systems, which are not designed to cope with the additional challenges posed by chronic non-communicable diseases, result in poor detection of cases, late treatment and inconsistent follow-up, and low compliance by the patients just increase the risk of early deaths.

In order to prevent this rather dangerous disease, various preventive measures have to be taken in a phase-wise form, which includes Primary prevention in which the preventive measures comprise the maintenance of normal weight through the adoption of healthy nutritional habits and workouts. The nutritional habits include an adequate protein intake, a high intake of dietary fiber, and avoidance of sweet foods. Elimination of other less well-defined factors like protein deficiency and food toxins could also be considered in some populations. Secondary prevention after Diabetes is detected, must be adequately treated to maintain blood glucose and to maintain ideal body weight.

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Effective Management:

Dealing With Diabetes – Shilajit For Diabetes

In addition to following this general advice, Ayurveda, alongside a few new studies, suggest that Shilajit could be a superb choice to prevent, reduce, and perhaps treat Diabetes. However, not all forms of Shilajit are as effective as it is in the resin form. 

In ancient Ayurveda, Shilajit is understood to be an adaptogenic herb or what’s so-called RASAYAN. This suggests that it’s the power to revert unhealthy conditions to healthy. Studies say three different doses of Shilajit produced a big reduction in blood sugar levels and also produced beneficial effects on the lipid profile. Shilajit for Diabetes can be an ultimate preventive measure.

 Moreover, combining Shilajit with diabetic medications enhanced the glucose-lowering function and improves lipid profile than any of those drugs given alone. More interestingly, the hypoglycaemic effect of Shilajit, at a particular dose, was significantly above that of metformin. Additionally to lowering blood sugar, it had been effective in improving the lipid profile. All of this proves that Shilajit is an effective supplement and even a probable treatment for Diabetes.

What’s even more surprising is that the amounts of cells in the pancreas are often increasing with long Shilajit treatment. This effect is known as pancreatrophic action. This action could be effective in increasing the sensitivity of pancreatic cells, which prompts the secretion of insulin when blood sugar increases.

One must give a chance to this age-old solution, Shilajit for Diabetes.


Shilajit can be a cure, especially in its resin form, which is its most powerful way to express its properties. So if you are or know someone suffering from Diabetes, you now know for sure, Shilajit for Diabetes can be a great relief!

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