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uses of Shilajit

How to Restore Energy and Stamina by using Shilajit

The uses of Shilajit are as old as time itself and have been a key ingredient in various concoctions of Ayurveda to cure ailments that are common in mankind.

Looking forward to increasing your stamina and energy as well as endurance and kick start on your workout regimes? Pay heed and ditch the chemical-laden power drinks, go the natural way, with Shilajit.

Shilajit, the Jewel from the Himalayas or the Destroyer of Weakness, is known by many more similar worthy names and has been an integral part of our rich heritage for millennial years. The uses of Shilajit are as old as time itself and have been a key ingredient in various concoctions of Ayurveda to cure almost all ailments that are common in mankind.

Shilajit is a 100% natural earthy compound that is formed when organic materials get trapped in the Earth’s tectonic shifts and start to decompose through years innumerable to finally exude this tar-like black gooey substance.

There are many uses of Shilajit that have benefited Ayurveda forever and now the credence of this miraculous component is also quickly seeping into the western medicinal world and is being researched fervently.

We are all struggling with meeting our desired potential physically and mentally, which is not just hampering our work life but our personal relationships too. The new age people are always tired, always bored, and always stressed. There are many reasons why it is so, be it the fast-paced lifestyle that we lead, the lack of proper nutrition, or the harmful substances that surround us.

Shilajit is an effective dietary supplement that can help you get the most out of your everyday life. This is how Shilajit can help restore energy and stamina with regular consumption along with certain other positive changes in your lifestyle and diet.

The Adaptogen that it is

Adaptogens are non-toxic and completely organic extracts that have been associated with Ayurveda as well as the equally popular Chinese healing traditions for centuries now.  Very powerful use of Shilajit is as an Adaptogen, which works towards combating both psychological and physical stress. The stress of any kind can completely suppress our mood, thus making us feel exhausted and vent out. Going about our daily chores can seem a task as big as lifting mountains. Shilajit is unique in keeping the cortisol or stress hormone levels in check while at the same time increasing the metabolism in the body, thus producing more energy and stamina.

Powerhouse of Energy

Our body produces energy when we eat, through the process of metabolism where the mitochondrion plays the key role. Food is broken down into soluble forms of energy or adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The problem is that with age, ATP levels significantly decrease in our body, resulting in tiredness and loss of stamina due to the lack of muscle coordination and improper functioning of various other organs. Shilajit has manifold benefits in this situation. First, it helps maintain the levels of ATP in our system, second, it produces anti-oxidants which helps in the coordination between various organs and muscle tissues in the body better. While at the same time safeguarding our immune system and helping it fight outside pathogens.

Builds Endurance and Strength

One of the biggest uses of Shilajit is as an instant energy booster. The rich contents of various organic acids in this mountainous exude, including the most potent fulvic acid, which in itself contains 45% oxygen, aids in increasing the oxygen levels in the system. Now during exercising, the secreted lactic acid and carbon dioxide can make muscles feel sore and cause breathlessness. This is where Shilajit comes in, with its high fulvic acid contents it helps in soothing the tired muscles by supplying more oxygen to them, also Shilajit has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help deal with the pain.

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Slows the Ageing Process

With time everything wears off, so does the energy and stamina in us. But thankfully because of Ayurvedic gems like Shilajit, this process can be slowed down a bit. One out of the various uses of Shilajit is regenerative. This means that it has properties that help against tissue damage, cellular damage, cognitive disorders, muscle weakness, improper circulation of blood, inability to absorb nutrients from foods eaten, constipation, etc. all this make our body and mind feel and experience a younger, more energetic and thriving version of ourselves.

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Promotes Better Levels of Testosterone

The primary male hormone is not just important for enjoying a better sexual life and potency but this hormone is also necessary for producing better levels of energy in both men and women. With progressing years of our life, the levels of this hormone decrease giving rise to sexual complications, bone and muscle weakness, and unexplained fatigue, and loss of stamina. Shilajit has been known as the first-rate cure towards decreasing testosterone levels, it has been consumed by many over years to stay young, potent, and energetic.

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We know you are looking forward to including Shilajit in your daily diet now, and we would absolutely recommend that you do so.  But at the same time, we would urge you to choose the best and purest form of Shilajit that is available to us. It is in the form of resins and is the most unadulterated version of Mother Nature’s miracle- the destroyer of all weakness ‘Shilajit’.


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