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Shilajit before Workout

Benefits of Taking Shilajit Before Workout

Shilajit is known as the destroyer of weakness. No doubt it can increase your energy and performance in the gym. Know about shilajit benefits before work out here.

Shilajit before workout benefits, in the world of Ayurveda, are unparalleled due to its exceptional capacity to maintain overall health and well-being. For centuries, Shilajit remains one of the most prized medicines to be consumed to stay healthy and to annihilate deadly diseases. Shilajit, also known as Mumijo, is an exudate, natural substance found in the mountains, specifically in the Himalayas.

This biomass contains 60 percent fulvic acid and a complex network of more than 85 different vitamins and minerals making it an incredible remedy for numerous health problems. One of the recondite Shilajit benefits is how consuming Shilajit before a workout can lead to better strength, stability, recovery, and longevity.

The necessity of consuming essential nutrients before a workout

To help in maintaining blood glucose concentration during the workout, extend the performance and recuperation, it’s necessary to fuel our body with essential nutrients before the workout.

Regular exercise is a key to stay fit, but one should be well hydrated before exercise and drink necessary nutrients during and the workout to balance the fluid losses.

According to research, eating essential nutrients can accelerate workout performance and allow us to work out for a longer time and at a higher intensity. This healthy habit helps us to reduce our body fat, feel more confident, and reduce the chances of falling sick frequently.

Benefits when consumed shilajit before workout

Shilajit is a thick, resinous pitch formed as plants and trees decompose. Mostly it is known for the ability to maintain human health in one way or another. However, there are many other reasons too for which Himalayan Shilajit is gaining popularity.

One of the most important Shilajit benefits is how taking it before a workout can be beneficial for our overall health. Many professionals and sportsmen are opting for Shilajit rather than other energy drinks or caffeine to increase the stamina, energy, and tolerance to take the workouts up to the next level.

Role of consuming Shilajit as a pre-workout supplement

An Energy Booster

Consuming Shilajit before a workout helps to restore energy(ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate) to carry out the entire workout with full stamina and energy altogether.

Supports endurance and strength

The presence of ample Fulvic Acid content makes Shilajit very powerful as an energy adapter in the world of Ayurvedic Medicine. The high oxygen content of Fulvic acid is used to shorten the negative effects of exercise like loss of breath, muscle soreness, etc.

Supply essential minerals and vitamins

Shilajit benefits include the supply of essential minerals and nutrients into and out of cells to boost up the energy level before the workout.

Maintain hydration during and after a workout

Shilajit is also a useful source of electrolyte minerals that helps in maintaining water balance, muscle contractions, metabolism, and the nervous system.

Rich in Iron and other materials

Shilajit is rich in irons and other materials which convert carbohydrates into energy that is required during exercise.

  • Supports collagen production to keep the joints healthy and strong
  • Boosts healthy testosterone in men.

Shilajit for Workout

Shilajit Resin- The Purest form of Shilajit

Resin is the purest and the authenticated form of Shilajit as it is made by the densification of organic materials between layers of rocks over the centuries. It is a tar-like substance full of Fulvic and humic acid, along with other essential nutrients. We sell resins of the utmost quality. Its potency is intact, since, there is no machine interaction with it. This gives our shilajit resin an edge over its competitors.

Shilajit Dosage for Workout

A person can consume a pea-sized portion in resin and drink it up to 3 times a day based on the instruction on the package. The recommended dose of Shilajit is 300-500 milligrams per day. However, it is always preferable to talk to your doctor before taking natural supplements.


While Shilajit may not be the cascade of youth, it is praised as Ayurveda’s only elixir or cure-all. Shilajit Benefits not only promotes brain health, skeleton health, or heart health but also symbolizes an anti-aging agent that regulates blood pressure and aids in recovery by reducing the inflammatory biomarker.

As a whole, there can be many health benefits of taking Shilajit as a pre-work supplement to encourage exercise, sports, and athlete performances. We recommend you all to try our Actizeet Shilajit for at least 1 month to experience the health benefits it can offer.


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