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Shilajit Side Effects

Are There Any Shilajit Side Effects? Who Should Avoid Using It?

To reduce the chances of Shilajit side effects, you should consume it properly. The correct usage of Shilajit has been discussed here.

 You must have heard about the uses of the popular Shilajit. Commonly known as ‘Mineral Pitch’ in English, Shilajit is the perfect solution if, in case, you happen to be suffering from hormonal imbalance, as well as acne issues. It has plenty of benefits.

However, it becomes immensely crucial to be aware of the side effects that Shilajit might bring about in your health if it is not taken in the right amount. To help you out, all the possible Shilajit side effects have been discussed here.

Why should you use Shilajit in the first place?

Shilajit is a viscous material that is most popularly known as Ayurvedic medicine. this medicine is found in the depth of the Himalayan valleys. It is indeed safe for usage and has produced some enormously great results. The origin of Shilajit is broadly due to the decomposition of plants in the Himalayan region. This is the reason for its high credibility as well as originality.

Shilajit has some great benefits, which, you must be aware of before you start to use it.

  • Shilajit can help you improve the health of your heart. When used as a supplement to your diet, it could easily improve the performance of your heart and help prevent any cardiac problems in the future.
  • By using Shilajit, it can help you get rid of iron deficiency anemia. Since this disease is most common in women, it is highly advised that they consume Shilajit on a regular basis to keep this disease at bay.
  • Shilajit consumption would also help your body to absorb all the nutrients that your food carries. Besides, if your body happens to be absorbing fewer nutrients than it should, it means that you must be experiencing plenty of fatigue, weakness, having cold hands as well as feet, headache, as well as there must be problems arising like an imbalanced heartbeat. Therefore, using this Ayurvedic medicine, you could easily keep these problems away.
  • Shilajit could effortlessly help you get over aging symptoms, help eliminate high altitude sickness, chronic fatigue syndrome, and eradicate the chances of Alzheimer’s disease.

Now, having learned about the benefits, you should know about the Shilajit side effects, too.

Are there any Shilajit side effects?

Since Shilajit is a herb that is found in the Himalayan valley, it can prove to be pretty heavy for consumption by people living in other areas. This herb can lead to some side effects if, in case, it happens to be consumed raw. To avoid giving rise to any unwanted Shilajit side-effects, you should make sure that you consume purified and processed Shilajit.

This is because, in its unprocessed form, the herb tends to carry heavy metal ions. Not just this, but the unprocessed form also holds fungus, free radicals, as well as infection-causing germs. If consumed unprocessed, the herb might make you fall sick as a side-effect.

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The correct dosage of Shilajit

The most commonly advised dosage of Shilajit is anywhere from 300 milligrams to 500 milligrams per day. You should use it as a diet supplement and it can be consumed with milk. To make the most out of it, it is suggested that you consume Shilajit twice a day- that is, by breaking the desired quantity into two and, thus, consuming it at two different times a day.

To minimize the chances of any unwanted Shilajit side effects, you are always recommended to talk to your doctor before starting to use it. Also, read Right Dosage of Shilajit

Who should not take Shilajit?

Although anyone can consume Shilajit, there, however, are a few who should be cautious about its consumption.

If, in case, you happen to be suffering from any kind of heart disease already then you should not consume Shilajit. For people who are suffering from an active cardiac problem, it is highly recommended to consult with their doctor first whether they would be able to take Shilajit or not. This is because if this is not done, the consumption of Shilajit might lead to some serious heart risks as well as unnecessary Shilajit side effects. Thus, you have to be cautious about this.

Since Shilajit is very rich in iron, it is highly suggested that you should not take Shilajit if you have sickle cell anemia. Not just this, but Shilajit should not be used if you have been diagnosed with hemochromatosis, and/ or thalassemia. This is because the mentioned disease is characterized by the presence of excess iron.

Besides the above categories, people who might have developed an allergy to Shilajit should be careful. If in case you have, actually, developed an allergy to it, then you should immediately stop using it. The symptoms of allergy to Shilajit can be rashes, as well as dizziness. Not only this, but even an increased or unbalanced heartbeat rate can be a symptom of the allergy. You should immediately consult your doctor and confirm if you happen to be allergic to Shilajit and have consumed it unknowingly.

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