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can shilajit be taken empty stomach

Can Shilajit Be Taken Empty Stomach?

Can Shilajit Be Taken Empty Stomach- this is a very common question that many people keep asking.

The answer is – Yes

Shilajit is a herbal supplement found primarily in the rocks of the Himalayas and the hilly regions of India and Tibet. It is considered to be developed through the slow decomposition of plants over the centuries. Shilajit is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. It constitutes rich minerals and nutrients which are highly beneficial for the human body. They not only act as supplements, which add strength and vitality to the body but also help in treating a variety of diseases and physical afflictions. It is an effective and safe nutritional supplement that can have a positive impact on the overall health and well-being of the human body.

Can shilajit be taken empty stomach?

Yes, it is best to consume Shilajit on an empty stomach in the morning to maximize its absorption. As we all know, the human body needs certain minerals and trace elements for optimal function and long-term health. The purified Shilajit has been proven to contribute over 85 essential minerals to the human body and trace elements that the body absorbs at a cellular level. Taking Shilajit supports health and improves overall athletic performance without side effects.

How to use shilajit

In order to use shilajit, you have to follow the three steps mentioned below.

  • Take a small portion of Shilajit tar (300-500 mg)
  • Dissolve in hot water, warm milk, or tea (about 5-10 minutes)
  • Drink it every morning on an empty stomach and before meals if necessary.

Shilajit is easily soluble in warm water, milk, and other liquid like green tea. One thing to remember is that it should never be mixed with chlorinated water, and it need not be boiled. Take one serving a day, increase the dose after one or two weeks, and then take it twice a day. The supplement can also be mixed with hot milk or raw honey. Alternatively, it can be taken with ghee or butter.

When to Take Shilajit

The most appropriate time to take Shilajit is on an empty stomach every morning to provide the body with the energy needed for the whole day, stimulate the body’s metabolism, help digestion, and burn fat. You can have it after you wake up and try to consume it before breakfast. In this way, you will maximize the absorption of the shilajit into your body. The use of Shilajit for the first-timers should be low in dosage. If you work during the day, it is best to take supplements during the day rather than at night. Shilajit produces immense energy, so it is recommended not to take it in the evening as some people may feel difficulty in sleeping.

Remember, Shilajit not only helps keep your mind clear but can also increase your energy level. In addition to this supplement, you should also include a healthy diet and exercise.


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