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Can Shilajit Be Taken In Summer

Can Shilajit Be Taken In Summer?

Shilajit is a naturally occurring resin-like substance and can shilajit be taken in summer to improve the overall health condition.

Have summer morning blues despite sound sleep? Feeling fatigued in summers is not only your problem. It is a concern of almost every next individual. Summers comes with hot and dry temperature increasing the feeling of fatigue and loss of energy.

This situation creates hitches in conducting day work and enjoying daily activities. It seems challenging for most of you to deal with the changing environment that causes mental stress and worry in your life. But, Ayurveda has discovered the most potent mineral to eradicate your health problems i.e., Shilajit.

Most of the people have misunderstood the Shilajit hot potency with summers. Well! Shilajit is of hot potency, and many of you are in dilemma that can shilajit be taken in summer or not? Yes, it can be consumed during summers, in fact in all seasons. During winters, it is advisable to consume Shilajit with lukewarm water or milk. However, in summers, it can be taken with plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and protect the body against general fatigue.

There are some crucial reasons for adding Shilajit to your daily regime during summers. For instance

Improves Energy level and reduces the feeling of fatigue

Blazing summer is hard to handle and often makes you worn out the whole day with a feeling of extreme fatigue and less robustness. The long exposure to the sunlight dehydrates and drains your body, making you feel sleepy all the time.

For improving your health condition, you have to take an adequate proportion of nutrition and minerals besides your daily food requirement. Because food alone cannot fulfill your purpose to stay fit and active throughout the day. So, to fight this situation, it is advisable to take Shilajit during summers to serve your body with all the beneficial nutrients and boost your energy level.

Henceforth, Shilajit improves the functioning of mitochondria which ultimately stimulates the energy level and reduces fatigue, hence making you capable of doing your day-to-day life work during summers.

Detoxifies and cleanses the body

It is great to consume Shilajit during summers as it detoxifies and cleanses your body by removing all toxins and harmful substances present inside your system. It eliminates the stored fats and chemicals that may cause troublesome health conditions.

Shilajit is loaded with high antioxidants and bio-active compounds like Fulvic and Humic acid, which fight pathogens and improve the immune system.  

Enhances Skin condition

During summers, your skin becomes dull and lethargic due to hot sun temperature, sweating, and dehydration. And, many of you face dry skin problems due to loss of water, and the thing is to be sorted out rapidly as it is the most common sign of aging.

Taking Shilajit during summers is great as it absorbs the vital nutrients and minerals which help in glowing skin. Also, it is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B complex, which do magic for your skin health in summers.

Rectifies digestive issue

Summers don’t come alone but also bring the problem of bloating and constipation along with it. Taking Shilajit during summers is beneficial to avoid intestinal problems and add essential fatty acids and probiotics to your diet to lower the risk of serious health conditions.

Discussed above are some of the vital reasons to add Shilajit in your daily regime during summers, but along with this, you should keep in mind that everybody type is different, and hence, their metabolism and lifestyle. If you are not bestowed with a good digestive system, reducing shilajit dosages to half in summer is advisable, and also consult your health expert before consuming it during summer.

If you don’t want to feel lethargic and drained out this summer, consume shilajit that has all solutions for your summer health problems, and never ask yourself again the question: Can Shilajit be taken in summer?


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